Winter Sport Injuries

SkierWith winter comes many fun wintertime sports such as sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. But with these, often comes injuries due to negligence and unpreparedness. We want to give you some tips to staying safe during your winter sports.

  • Stay in shape. Make sure you are warmed up before participating too. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are cold and tight are more injury prone.
  • Do not participate if you are exhausted or already hurting. When exhausted, your body and mind are not fully prepared to participate. If you are already in pain, participation can make it worse.
  • If you are a bit “rusty” or new to the sport, make sure to take a lesson. It will show you how to stop correctly as well as techniques to prevent injury on falls.
  • Never ski or snowboard alone. Always have a “buddy”
  • Dress warmly in wind resistant clothes that are loose. Your outfit should include protective gear including helmets, padding, and goggles
  • Stay hydrated. A dehydrated body is more prone to injury.
  • After activities, make sure to ice or heat areas that are giving you problems.

We hope these help you stay safe this winter time. If you do find yourself injured, AFC Urgent Care can treat you at our state-of-the-art facility. Our office is staffed with doctors, nurses, and technicians who can treat you quicker and cheaper than an emergency room. Visit us today at 129 Turnpike St in North Andover MA or call 978-470-0800.