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Month: February 2014

Spring Break Travel Medicine

For students of Merrimack College, Spring Break is in less than a month. If your Spring Break plans include international travel, consider visiting a travel clinic before you leave. It is recommended that those who travel abroad be vaccinated against certain diseases depending on the country in question. For popular spring break destinations including Mexico …

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Bronchitis is a disease which affects the respiratory system. It is the inflammation of bronchial passages in the lungs which can shut off or restrict smaller airways in the lungs. This can result in coughing fits or breathlessness. Bronchitis can be classified as acute or chronic. Generally, acute bronchitis lasts a week or so. Chronic …

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Frostbite Prevention

This winter in New England has been particularly cold and rough. We want to give you some tips on how to prevent frostbite in this bitterly cold New England winter. Frostbite is a condition which freezes skin and the tissue underneath. Areas most commonly affected are small areas which are exposed such as fingers, nose, …

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