Pneumonia is an infection which affects the lungs. Coughing, a fever, and difficulty breathing are common symptoms. Sickness can vary from mild to severe. Those already sick, babies, and older adults are more prone to severe sickness.

An x-ray or blood test may be used for diagnostics. Pneumonia will go away and can be treated. Bacterial Pneumonia may be treated with an antibiotic.

As always, get plenty of rest and sleep. Always drink plenty of water and fluids. Coughing can be alleviated with a cough medicine. Stronger cough syrups are available by prescription if necessary.

As pneumonia is a common complication of other illnesses, avoid those who are sick and always wash your hands or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

If you feel you have pneumonia-like symptoms, skip the ER and visit AFC Urgent Care. We are a walk in center staffed with board-certified doctors and medical staff. Our center has an on-cite lab and x-ray equipment to help with diagnostics without the need to travel elsewhere. Visit AFC Urgent Care in North Andover today at 129 Turnpike St or call 978-470-0800.