Flu Prevention Tips!

FLUSHOTFlu season is officially here, making it extra important for you and your family to receive their seasonal flu vaccinations. The flu, which affects thousands of people a year, is unpredictable but completely avoidable. Anyone who is 6 months and older should be vaccinated, however, children under the age of 5, the elderly and pregnant women should be extra careful and make sure they are vaccinated immediately.

You should always take the proper precautions to be sure that you do not get the flu, or pass it off to others. In addition to getting the vaccination, be sure to always wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze/cough and stay home if you are starting to feel sick. If you think that you are coming down with the flu and are feeling any sort of symptoms such as fever, cough, chills, body aches- then contact your doctor immediately. If left untreated, the flu can be extremely harmful and has been knon to cause approximately 36,000 deaths a year.

We at AFC Urgent Care in North Andover care about you and your family’s health. We offer flu shots to those who need them, as well as any other preventative care needs you may have. We are conveniently opened 7 days a week, with no appointments necessary. Visit us at our location today at 129 Turnpike Street, or call us for more information at 978-470-0800!