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Month: December 2015

What We Treat: Bronchitis

Everyone has experienced coughing fits at some point in their lives. But have you ever had a cough that just felt different? Has it lasted longer than a typical cold? Is your cough making it difficult to breathe? Does it just not sound right? While there are number of different illnesses that cause coughing, one of the most common …

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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift of good health! Instead of spending a fortune on the latest fad, invest in your health and the health of your loved ones. Trends come and go, but good health will always be in style. Whether you’re shopping for a budding health nut or a fitness fanatic, this guide …

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What We Treat: Acute Injuries

It can sometimes be difficult determining whether a sudden injury should be treated at either an urgent care center or an emergency room. People who have suffered life-threatening injuries should always seek treatment at the emergency room. However, many sudden injuries can be treated at an urgent care center. These injuries include: Animal bites Back pain Burns …

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Have a Healthy Holiday: Calorie Counts for Holiday Meals

There’s no denying the best part of the holidays is eating copious amounts of food with the people you love. Sure, receiving presents was undoubtedly the best as a child, but as soon as we’re expected to begin buying presents for others, the allure was overshadowed by the overbearing stress of holiday shopping. Regardless, the holidays are a special time as …

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What We Treat: Cuts

Cuts can be a scary sight, for some people even just the sight of blood triggers feelings of dizziness and nausea. Fortunately, we’re here to make cuts a little less intimidating, as our job is to get you stitched up and back to normal as quick as possible. One fear patients have after suffering a …

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What We Treat: Fevers

The fever isn’t one specific illness, it’s a common symptom of many different infections. Fevers are defined by an abnormal rise in the body’s temperature, which is sustained over an increased period of time. There’s no set-in-stone temperature that serves as a benchmark, though. Thus, people have constructed their own individualized definition of a fever – with varied temperatures serving as the …

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What We Treat: Pneumonia

For an illness as debilitating as Pneumonia, many cases of the lung infection often go untreated. While the body’s immune system can generally treat the infection on its own, it takes awhile – sometimes even 3-4 weeks – for Pneumonia to run its course without medication. It’s because Pneumonia shares many of the same symptoms as …

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