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Month: February 2016

What We Treat: Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear develops after excess water enters inside the ear canal, occurring typically after a person goes swimming. The water trapped inside the ear creates a damp environment, capable of fostering bacteria, which allows the bacteria to thrive. This induces a number of painful and aggravating symptoms that can last for several days. This is why people …

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What We Treat: Strep Throat

February marks the point in the year when illnesses such as norovirus, influenza and the common cold are at their peak. Often forgotten in winter’s swarm of sicknesses is strep throat, which many people associate solely with children. However, strep throat is prevalent during this time for people patients 1 year or older – not just children. People contract strep throat …

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Watch Out for Zika Virus This February Vacation

With February vacation just around the corner, many of us are looking to escape the snowy weather and head South to warmer climates. Countries in the Caribbean, like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, make popular vacation destinations, but unfortunately, there have been numerous Zika cases reported in these countries lately. Zika virus’ symptoms range from mild to moderate, with …

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What We Treat: Dehydration

Despite the cold weather, dehydration hospitalizations are extremely frequent during the winter months. It may initially seem counter-intuitive, considering the frigid temperatures, until you remember how dry the air is during winter. The cold weather also makes it difficult for people to pick up on the symptoms of dehydration, seeing as their mind’s consumed by the …

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