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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Us For Occupational Health

Provider holding clipboardThis week, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced that National Small Business Week will be in May, so to get things started early, we feel it’s necessary to remind small business owners of how convenient and accessible our employer medical services are. Being a small business owner typically means allocating endless hours to keeping the business afloat. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for owners to push things like occupational health aside to make time for their infinite list of day-to-day operations.

However, occupational health is vital in maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment. Any company lacking adequate safety precautions is risking the integrity of their business, in addition to the health of their employees. It’s as simple as this: if employees feel unsafe and are rendered incapable of performing their job’s requirements, productivity suffers. This is why it’s essential for businesses to have certain safety measures in place, which, we at AFC Urgent Care North Andover, can certainly assist with.

Occupational health may include anything from providing pre-employment physicals to administering something as simple as a lift test. At our center, we prioritize getting patients in-and-out the door in a timely manner without compromising our top quality services. By offering prompt, albeit comprehensive care, we succeed in making occupational health as little of a headache as possible for small business owners.

Here are three reasons why you should choose us to handle your business’ occupational health services:

1) Because of the vast number of employer services we provide, our center can be your business’ one-stop provider for all its occupational health needs

Whether you want your business to randomly drug test its employees or screen the health of its potential hires, we at AFC Urgent Care North Andover can help. We offer a comprehensive list of occupational health services, guaranteed to put your business on the right path to being safe and productive. Our list of occupational health services includes:

  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Lift Test
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test
  • Vision/Hearing Test
  • Employee Drug Testing
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • DOT Physical Test
  • Urgent Care Treatment for Workplace Injuries
  • Workers’ Compensation

2) Our team’s extensive experience working with Essex County’s top employers guarantees trustworthy service

What allows our center to function as both an urgent care center and resource for employer services is our Providers’ experience assisting local businesses with their occupational health needs. We routinely see employers who hope to enlist our assistance for services like drug testing and treatment for workplace injuries.

3) Our walk-in accessibility makes us a far more convenient option than any competitor

While there are many places that offer occupational health services, very few of them offer these services on a walk-in basis. Yet at AFC Urgent Care North Andover, we accept walk-in patients anytime during business hours, regardless of whether or not it’s a sudden injury or just an employer seeking help with occupational health.

What makes walk-in accessibility so beneficial, is that not all employer services can wait. If an employee gets injured on the job, it’s important for employers to have a plan in place. Our center can serve as your go-to plan of action, considering we can provide prompt treatment with little-to-no wait.

If you wish to take advantage of our occupational health services, visit us any day of the week. To speak with one of our medical professionals, call us at 978-470-0800. We look forward to helping your business run smoother and safer!