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Another School Year Complete, Another Incredible Field Day

The team at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care North Andover once again returned to school this week to attend the Kittredges Elementary School Field Day. Like all field days, the event celebrated the end of another successful school year. We had the pleasure of participating in a number of awesome activities alongside the wonderful students and amazing teachers of Kittredges Elementary.

In addition to sponsoring the event, our team distributed water to make sure each child was hydrated enough to join in on the fun. The weather was incredibly gorgeous as were graced with blue skies and warm weather all throughout day. The event also functioned as a welcoming in for summer, as we’re now fully in the summer spirit here at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care North Andover.

While summer is arguably the most special season, especially for kids, seeing as they now have a full season of zero responsibilities, it’s also potentially the most dangerous. Since kids have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all summer long, there’s now a much higher chance that they could injure themselves. This is why it’s important to instruct your child about the dangers of participating in activities they don’t have the requisite maturity or physical strength for.

In case somebody in your family does get injured, visit us at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care North Andover, where we have the equipment and medical staff to diagnose and treat your family member promptly and properly. If your child still needs a physical examination for summer camp, stop by any day of the week – no appointment necessary! We look forward to making your summer as healthy, fun and unforgettable as possible!