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What Are The Health Risks of Vaping?

It’s 2019 & cigarette sales are at an all-time low however a new trend is becoming very popular. This trend is called vaping. If you haven’t heard of vaping, it can also be called electronic cigarettes & allows a person to smoke without the smell or taste of a cigarette. At first, the risks to vaping were unknown & the younger generations assumed it was nothing like smoking cigarettes because that is what tobacco companies have implied. However in recent studies not only has vaping been proved to be harmful but it has proven to have worse complications than cigarettes! Read here for more information about the dangers of Vaping!

What is the vapor made of?

Inside every vape is a type of oil that the user has to keep refilling so the Vape pen works. The belief at first was that the oil did not have any nicotine in it. There are non-nicotine oils out there, however, most oils have the nicotine in them. Both of these oils are harmful to put into our bodies nicotine is not the only harmful chemical in cigarettes. Flavorings such as directly, VOC’s, & heavy metals such as tin & nickel are all found in this oil. These materials are linked to heart disease, lung disease & cancer!

Health Risks

In the beginning stages of vaping, experts could not conclude is vaping was bad for you or not. In recent studies, the test has shown more results showing that vaping is harmful to the body. Electronic cigarettes still use many harmful chemicals that regular cigarettes use & these chemicals can lead to complications such as:

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Heart Problems
  • Nicotine poisoning

There are also reports of bodily harm caused by an e-cigarette battery explosion! Addiction has also been linked with vaping as well. Even if you are not vaping with nicotine oil the act of vaping can be extremely addicting!

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