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Child Sports Gear

AFC Urgent Care North Andover encourages parents to enroll their kids in sports at a young age. Sports teach kids a sense of responsibility, teamwork skills, & give them a group of friends that they might keep throughout their lives. However, sports can lead to injury if your child is not using the correct equipment while playing! Below we will be discussing the top sports equipment your child should be using when playing specific sports.


If your child is in a contact sport such as football, a helmet is obvious & is required to be worn to play the sport. However, sports stores make helmets specifically for children, you should keep this in mind if your child comes home with a generic helmet that fits all sizes. Baseball also requires players to wear helmets when at bat however if your child is playing first or third base, a helmet is also a good idea.

Eye Wear

Eye gear may be the most overlooked piece of equipment when it comes to most sports. Eyewear is most prevalent in winter sports such as skiing & Snowmobiling because of the glare from the snow & particles flying in the air. Sports such as baseball, soccer, ext can all use eyewear. Eyes are exposed at all times & in sports sometimes object travel at high speeds. These objects can do serious damage to any child’s eyes which can leave them impaired or worse!

Foot Wear

Footwear is extremely important in all sports. Not having the correct shoes can lead to a child falling, slipping, or having them break while in play. If a child has the incorrect shoes for example; cleats that are old or tattered, your child can suffer from a fall. A fall at a random time during a sport can lead to a big injury. Pulled muscles, broken ankles, toes, or worse can all result from a child wearing the wrong footwear.

Mouth Guards

Developing teeth are disposable when a child is young. However, once a child’s adult teeth grow in, damage to them will be permanent & can be expensive. A mouth guard can be purchased online or at a sporting store, mouth guards are a cheap & inexpensive way to save thousands of dollars buying your child new teeth.