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STD Awareness

April is STD awareness month so AFC Urgent Care North Andover would like to spread awareness about some common STD misconceptions & facts that everyone should know. Sexual health is not something that anyone should be embarrassed to talk about. In the recent year’s doctors are seeing a spike in STD/STI in teenagers across the country.

Use Contraceptives

One of the most important about practicing safe sex is to make sure you are using contraceptives to stay safe. There has always been a stigma around condoms & taking away the pleasure from sex. However, it is 2019, technology has advanced & there are many different types of condoms built explicitly for, please. There is no reason not to wear a condom especially if you are having casual sex. If you are on birth control, this may lower your chance of getting pregnant; however, this won’t reduce your chance of contracting an STD from unprotected sex. Birth control is no excuse not to use condoms or other forms of STD prevention.

Get tested regularly

If you are having casual sex, you should be getting tested every time you have an encounter with a new person. Regardless of how a person looks or what they say, it is impossible to know if they are infected with an STD/STI.  1/4 people do not show any symptoms at all of an STD/STI. Here at AFC Urgent CAre North Andover, we are discrete & will give you all the test we feel are necessary. Getting tested important to your overall health, always make sure to take care of yourself.


Many symptoms can come with an STD/STI. However, the most common symptoms in men & women are

  • Frequent & Burning Sensation when urinating
  • Discharge from Genitals
  • Noticeable bumps or warts
  • Pain during sex
  • Itching & redness in Genital area

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see your nearest urgent care immediately to make sure you have not been infected!

Dangers of STDs

STD/STI can hurt your overall health. Men/Women can both become infertile,  develop severe complications in their organs & contract HIV. HIV is now more manageable than it has been in the past; however, it can lead to AIDS; AIDS is an extremely deadly disease. Always keep your sexual health in mind!