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Sun Safety Tips and Sunburn Prevention for Children

Summertime is here and that means it is now the perfect time to enjoy outdoor games, activities, and fun with the family. However, it is always important to practice effective sun safety for your children.

During the summer, the UV rays from the sun are more exposed and can lead to sunburn, heat rash, and dehydration in extreme cases. Additionally, intense sunburn and skin damage from UV rays could lead to the development of melanoma and skin cancer in older adults.

These are just a few of the reasons on why it is important to ensure your kids are adequately protected from UV rays and other sun exposure health issues. So what can you do to ensure your child has a happy, healthy, and safe summer?

Bring sunscreen whenever you are outside for prolonged periods of time

Sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to prevent sunburn and keep your child healthy. Whenever you’re at the beach or outside make sure to apply sunscreen on your child every 2-3 hours.

Use at least SPF 30 sunblock to ensure that your child is getting the maximum protection from UV rays. Other sunscreens are advertised with higher SPF, water resistance, and sweat-proof options but the most sunblock can protect skin is at SPF 30.

Not only should you have sunscreen on the beach, but you should also have it whenever your child will be outside. Any exposed skin is still at risk for getting a possible sunburn so apply that sunblock frequently!

Carry plenty of water to avoid dehyrdation

Especially for younger children dehyrdation is a significant health risk during hot and sunny weather. Always bring a full water bottle so you can your child are properly hydrated throughout the day/activity.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that there is always an ample water supply nearby if you are outside for prolonged periods of time. A refillable water bottle is the best way to ensure you always have enough water.

To avoid dehyrdation throughout the day always drink water until you don’t feel thirsty any more. Even though the conventional myth suggests you need eight glasses a day, individuals lose water at different rates. Simply drink water as you feel thirsty.

Wear protective clothing when possible

Protective clothing is another effective means to prevent a sunburn for your child during the summer.

Hats, lightweight shirts and pants, and similar protective clothing can help reduce sun exposure throughout the day. At the beach, umbrellas and similar cabana-style covers are a great way to lower sun exposure and still enjoy the weather outside!