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How to Schedule a DOT Physical

If you have a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, and drive a vehicle for work, chances are you will need to get a DOT physical for your job. These physicals ensure that you are safe to drive these large-scale commercial vehicles. Here’s what drivers should know about their DOT physical and how to renew one. 

DOT physicals are essential for CDL jobs

It’s challenging to get around having a physical if you have a job driving a commercial vehicle. It’s legally required for anyone who operates a vehicle that can carry over 15 people, or is paid to operate a vehicle that can carry more than eight people. You will also need to get a DOT physical if you operate a vehicle that has a weight of over 10,000 pounds, or if you transport hazardous materials as part of your job. 

DOT physicals thoroughly measure your health metrics

During your physical, your doctor will perform several tests and ask you questions to ensure that you are healthy enough to operate these vehicles safely. You can expect to get hearing, vision, and blood pressure tests, as well as a urine test. The doctor will also examine your heart and lungs and check your reflexes. The DOT physical is an excellent opportunity to ask any health and safety questions you might have as well. 

DOT exams are only available through medical professionals

It’s essential to make sure you are getting your exam from a verified medical professional. You might find businesses outside of the medical field that advertises DOT exams, but this is something to avoid. Drivers legally required to get their exam through a medical professional; the DOT Physical can also help you address any medical problems that are concerning. Preventative care can help you catch health conditions early and treat them effectively. 

Get your DOT exam through urgent care

One of the easiest methods to get your DOT exam is through an urgent care center. They are able to provide physicals quickly and efficiently, and you can set up a same-day appointment. They typically offer very cost-effective solutions and offer the flexibility you need when you have a busy schedule. 

Before you start a job driving a commercial vehicle, make sure you get your DOT physical exam completed. Driving a large vehicle requires a high sense of responsibility, and it’s important to make sure you’re healthy before you start your job.