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Controlling Stress Levels During the Holidays!

The holidays can be quite stressful for most families as cooking and shopping continues to control your daily schedule. Planning for any festivities, travel, and hosted dinners can be quite taxing if you can’t manage your stress levels.

Maintaining a healthy stress level is crucial to deterring chronic health conditions and being able to live your best life. Additionally, stress level can contribute to unhealthy behaviors and habits that could potentially worsen overall health. So what can you do to help control stress during the holiday season?

Stress can be an important indicator of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure are exacerbated by your stress level, according to several public health experts. Experts also say that stress can contribute to psychological impacts of your overall health.

Per the Mayo Clinic, the physical impacts of stress include headache, muscle pain, chest pain, sleep problems, and fatigue. Additionally, stress can also cause anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, which can end up causing bad healthy behaviors.

The combination of worsened mental health with physical health detriments can lead to long-term health conditions.

Make sure to find exercise and fitness routines during colder weather

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and is proven to have other health benefits as well. However, getting in necessary exercise during the cold season can be difficult. It gets harder to go out for a run or jog whenever you need to as the season gets colder. Make sure you stock up on appropriate exercise gear whenever you want to continue any exercise routine.

Additionally, finding gyms and local community groups to help boost fitness goals can help to ensure you stay stress-free! Talk with family members and friends in order to find new healthy activities that help lower stress. For example, a yoga or dance class can help get you and your friends on a great active routine year-round!

Find appropriate healthcare appointments locally

Healthcare appointments such as screenings, urgent care, and vaccines can help ensure that you are healthy and not worried about anything else this holiday season! Getting any healthcare needs is easy at urgent care where you can recieve immediate treatment, even during a stressful holiday season.

If you think your stress is building up, then it doesn’t help to get a second opinion. Please contact AFC Urgent Care North Andover ASAP to get any treatment started!