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How to Manage and Treat Sinus Pain

Sinusitis, commonly referred to as sinus pain, is more likely to flare up during the late fall and winter than other times of the year. Without the proper form of treatment, sinus pain can lead to a variety of debilitating symptoms.

Patients that experience sinus pain are likely to suffer from sore throat, respiratory irritation, nasal discharge, congestion, and other debilitating healthcare outcomes. The good news though is that sinus pain is easy to manage and treat with the right provider! If you’re interested in general urgent care services, please contact AFC North Andover and visit our walk-in clinic.

Managing and treating sinus pain requires good self-care habits while also knowing where to get care once your need it for advanced symptoms.

Diagnosing sinus pain can be easy with some basic knowledge

Identifying sinus pain is as simple as pressing down on your sinuses (to the left and right of your nose) and seeing if there is pain. If there’s pain, then you likely have sinus pain. Initial symptoms to help diagnose sinus pain also includes post nasal drip (mucus build up), a developing cough, sneezing, and congestion.

Sinus pain and sinusitis triggers can also trigger sinus pain, so knowing the main triggers is helpful for reducing pain. Common triggers to watch for include the common cold, allergies, cigarette, changes in air pressure (like when flying), and irritating fumes. Avoid these triggers to help reduce sinus pain during key seasons.

Whenever you believe sinus pain is causing you general discomfort it helps to book an appointment at urgent care.

Self-care involves flushing your sinuses and plenty of rest

Whenever you experience onset symptoms of sinus pain, it helps to first flush your sinuses with steam and decongestants. A simple steam bath can help to lower your sinus irritation and drain out mucus. Steam is a simple and effective method for relieving immediate symptoms.

Decongestants are available via other types of over-the-counter medications or through an immediate urgent care provider. Additionally, saline water can help to de-clog your sinuses. Whenever you start to experience symptoms it also helps to rest frequently while trying to flush your sinuses.

Visit urgent care for enhanced sinus pain treatment!

Don’t let sinus pain control your life and let the symptoms get too out of control. Make sure you swing by AFC Urgent Care North Andover to get sinus pain treatment from our provider team. Sinus pain can be managed and treated whenever you need it at AFC!