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What Should I Do to Treat Sinusitis?

Sinusitis, also known as sinus pain, is an uncomfortable illness that affects a high number of people each year. The number of sinusitis cases is on the rise during cold and flu season, so knowing how to treat it is important! There are home remedies and medical professional treatments available, but do you know what treatment is right for you? 

Telemedicine Urgent Care for Sinus Pain

Sinusitis and Sinus Pain is treatable through telemedicine urgent care at AFC Urgent Care North Andover. Simply use the link above to call our provider team and begin your telemedicine appointment.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress, it is imperative that patients have access to a safe medical option that doesn’t compromise personal safety. Through telemedicine, patients can speak with a provider

What is Sinusitis? 

Sinusitis is inflammation of your sinuses that causes pain and discomfort. Sinusitis is most commonly caused by the common cold, flu, or other virus in your body. As the virus travels into your sinuses, it causes inflammation and irritation that results in pain. In some cases, sinusitis becomes a sinus infection that requires treatment by a medical professional. 


Symptoms of sinusitis include: 

  • Pressure in your ears
  • Pressure behind your eyes
  • Altered sense of taste and smell
  • Fatigue
  • Low grade fever
  • Tender cheeks and forehead
  • Congestion 
  • Headache 

The swelling of sinusitis makes it hard for any mucus to drain, but when it does, it may be yellow or green in color. 

Home Remedies

You can start by treating sinusitis at home. Over the counter pain relievers and decongestants are very helpful in relieving sinus pain. You can also run a hot shower and breathe in the warm, moist heat to relieve swelling and encourage mucus to drain. Saline nasal sprays can also relieve some of the blockage. 

Seeking Treatment 

If your sinus pain is lasting for more than 1 week without signs of improvement, causes a fever, or you notice discolored mucus drainage, you might need professional treatment to relieve your symptoms. A physician will be able to determine rather or not antibiotics are necessary and provide additional treatment options. 

Visiting your family doctor for sinusitis isn’t a good option because you’ll be left waiting for the next available appointment. The ER should be saved for true emergencies to prevent overcrowding, so where should you go? An urgent care center is the perfect solution when you need prompt care but it doesn’t require a trip to the emergency room. Urgent care staff will see you the same day, with no appointment. Flexible hours and affordable pricing make visiting an urgent care a possibility for anyone, no matter their busy schedule or financial status. 

If you’ve been suffering from sinusitis with no signs of relief, visit your local urgent care today to get on the path towards feeling better!