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Safe Seasonal Fall Activities for Fall 2020

Having fun during a global pandemic has been challenging to say the least. With many places being closed or changing the way that they operate; it’s been difficult to find things to do outside of the home. When you do find something to do, you have to wonder if it’s safe or not. Staying home for months at a time isn’t good for your physical or mental health. Taking a trip to the grocery store once a week shouldn’t be your only time away, but it’s important to remain conscious of the health concerns surrounding COVID-19. Check out these safe and fun fall activities your whole family can enjoy in 2020! 

Playgrounds and Parks

Playgrounds and parks are fun for the whole family. Your kids can stay busy and you can have a little quiet time watching them play. Find a nearby walking trail for everyone to enjoy together, or even try an outdoor workout under the falling leaves! The CDC has said that playgrounds are safe, but you should maintain a 6-foot distance from anyone who doesn’t live in your home. Visit parks in the same community you live in to minimize the risk of any new exposure to the virus or the risk of exposing a new community to the virus since you could have it and be asymptomatic. 

Pumpkin Patch

Find a nearby pumpkin patch and take your family to find the perfect pumpkins to carve or paint! Pumpkin patches are great because there’s plenty of open space, so staying away from other families will be easy. Your kids will love finding their own pumpkin and you will love that the fun continues after taking the pumpkins home! This is also generally a low-cost activity, so it fits into nearly any budget. 

Fall Photo Shoot

Take advantage of the falling leaves and gorgeous scenery with an impromptu fall photoshoot. You don’t have to be a professional to make memories your family will look back on for years to come! You can include fun props and costumes for an added twist. A fall photoshoot can be done right in your backyard or at any outdoor area that isn’t crowded. 

Apple Picking 

Visiting an apple orchard and walking around to find the most delicious looking apples is a fun way to explore nature that we normally take for granted. You may need to wear a mask while arriving at the orchard and getting your bag to fill with apples but keeping your distance from others will be easy once you’re walking through the orchard. Take your apples home and make a homemade apple pie for an extra delicious twist on the day! 

If you’re in need of COVID-19 testing, antibody testing, or a seasonal flu shot, visit a nearby urgent care center for quick and affordable care. An urgent care can also help manage seasonal allergies, asthma, seasonal affective disorder, and other seasonal illnesses that might be affecting your family.