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Is the COVID Vaccine Effective?

Accurate information about medical choices is very important. Information about COVID-19 vaccines is just as critical as information about the virus itself. There have been many myths and rumors associated with the COVID-19 virus. Many have refused to get vaccinated due to fears and misguiding information about the virus. 

Proper education and information about the use and benefits of getting vaccinated against the COVID virus are essential. It is beneficial to both individuals and the community as a whole.

At AFC Urgent Care North Andover, we are dedicated to debunking myths and facts about the COVID vaccines, the importance of getting vaccinated, and what differentiates the COVID vaccine. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, get tested with us today.

Myths & Facts about the COVID Vaccine

The following are the myths and facts of the COVID vaccines:

Myth 1: There is inaccurate information that suggests that the vaccine causes infertility in women. It is recommended that the vaccine aids the body in attacking syncytin-1, a protein involved in the development of the placenta. This has been thought to lead to infertility in women. This has caused fears for the worst.

Fact 1: The COVID vaccine helps the body replicate copies of the spike proteins found on the coronavirus’s surface. True! However, this allows the immune system to attack the virus that has that specific spike and not interfere with the reproductive process of birth in a woman’s body.

Myth 2: It is wrongly believed that prior infection means that they do not risk getting infected a second time. They argue that since they have had the virus infection before, their bodies have grown immune to the virus, and they do not need the vaccine.

Fact 2: There is not enough evidence to prove that the body becomes immune to it after recovering from the virus. The evidence so far suggests that natural immunity does not last long. 

Myth 3: Getting vaccinated means I can start living my life freely again without wearing masks and taking the coronavirus prevention measures. How true is this?

Fact 3: There is no evidence yet to suggest that vaccinated persons cannot transmit the disease even though they themselves do not get infected. 

How the COVID Vaccine is different

There are three different types of COVID vaccines available now. The most recent vaccine was introduced by Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine in the US. In addition to this, we have the one made by Pfizer and another by Moderna. The main difference between the recently developed vaccine and others is the number of doses taken. The earlier two require two doses (21 days apart for Pfizer’s and 28 days apart for Moderna’s), while Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine is designed to be administered in one single dose.

Why is vaccination important?

Vaccination reduces the chances of spreading the virus to your loved ones. Also, vaccination has been proven to be 95% effective within 14 days of inoculation. What does this mean? This means that vaccination is the best way to limit severe and fatal symptoms of the deadly COVID 19 virus.

Getting vaccinated gives us a better chance against the virus and also helps to create a safer world. While there are many other ways to prevent the spread of the virus, such as social distancing, wearing of noise mask, and avoiding crowded areas, vaccination is the surest way to put an end to the COVID pandemic.