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COVID-19 Testing Know-Hows for Patients

COVID-19 testing is more available than ever as more and more patients have access to multiple testing types. However, patients need to make sure that their nearby urgent care providers and testing facilities have ample testing supplies. Finding a local clinic that provides testing may be much easier than finding a clinic that has all …

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How Can A Patient Treat Ear Infections at Home?

Ear infections are a common condition that many people face. If you’ve ever had one, you know how painful and unpleasant they are. Treating ear infections at home is very difficult, but it can help to shorten the length of the infection and make symptoms more manageable. These are a few tips you should keep …

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How Can I Prepare for My Upcoming DOT Physical?

DOT physicals are required by law for all truck drivers to maintain their certification. The DOT physical process is annoying to most drivers, but it’s important to ensure you’re healthy so you aren’t putting yourself or others on the road at risk. DOT physicals assess your overall health, risk for certain medical conditions, and more. …

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What Should I Know About Pharyngitis?

If you’ve ever been stuck with a sore throat, struggling to swallow, you’ve experienced pharyngitis! This is a common condition; most people just aren’t quite sure what the medical term for it is. Understanding the term pharyngitis can help you prevent the condition and treat it more quickly when it does affect you. But what …

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What Should I Do to Improve My Weight, Diet, and Overall Health?

Forget a New Year’s resolution; the best time to start improving your health is now. So many of us put off taking better care of ourselves. We say we will start our diet tomorrow, or when we have a big event, or on January first. The only way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight …

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Controlling Stress Levels During the Holidays!

The holidays can be quite stressful for most families as cooking and shopping continues to control your daily schedule. Planning for any festivities, travel, and hosted dinners can be quite taxing if you can’t manage your stress levels. Maintaining a healthy stress level is crucial to deterring chronic health conditions and being able to live …

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