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Flu Shots

Get your annual flu shot at AFC Urgent Care North Andover!

The flu is a very serious virus that should not be taken lightly. By taking the appropriate precautions, contracting the flu can be completely avoidable. That is why you should visit AFC Urgent Care North Andover right before (or during) flu season to stay as healthy as possible! 

Many patients will quickly write off the flu as the common cold or a mild fever, but the impacts of doing that can cause patients to miss work and even require a hospital stay. So what should patients know about the flu and how to treat it? 

What is the flu? How many people does the flu impact each year?

Also known as Influenza, the flu affects millions of people every day, causing over 36,000 deaths and 250,000 hospitalizations per year. By receiving a seasonal flu vaccination, you are not only protecting yourself against the flu, but also decreasing your risk of passing it off to others. Please be aware that it is important for you be vaccinated every season. This is due to the fact that the strain of virus is constantly changing, making last year’s shot ineffective.

Because the flu impacts millions of individuals each year, patients will need to get an updated flu shot at least 10-12 months after their previous shot. Especially during the days before flu season, patients will need a fast, affordable, and accessible medical provider to get flu shots fast! 

How can AFC Urgent Care North Andover help get you needed flu shots?

For treatment, our medical team may administer medicine to alleviate certain symptoms. But in most cases, our providers will quickly diagnose the illness and offer the necessary guidance and advice to help expedite the healing process. In general, proper rest is the best medicine to treat influenza. For certain at-risk people, we may recommend visiting the emergency room as they can offer emergency care if symptoms become life-threatening.

Don’t hesitate to get flu treatment and flu shots at our AFC location in North Andover. Simply visit our facility to take advantage of our walk-in clinic and immediate healthcare access! For more information about our flu shots or treatment for influenza, please call us at 978-470-0800 or use the map below for fast and immediate directions!