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Flu Shots & Treatment

Annual Flu Shots in North Andover, MA

Flu Shots

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It’s imperative to get your annual flu shot before the flu season reaches its peak in January.  The best time of year to get your annual flu shot is between September and October. Every year, AFC Urgent Care North Andover administers flu shots to protect patients against the new strands of influenza that occur yearly. 

The CDC strongly encourages everyone over six months of age to receive the shot every year. The flu vaccine is entirely safe and approved by the FDA. The elderly, pregnant women, or other people considered high risk should get their flu shots before the start of flu season. 

How do flu shots protect me against the flu?

An annual flu shot is the best protection against common flu symptoms such as:

  • Body or muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

The vaccine works by injecting small amounts of each virus into your system, that allows your body to create antibodies. These antibodies will then be prepared to fight off the actual virus incase you still contract it. 

Potential Side Effects from the Flu Shot

While getting your annual flu shot is the best method to protect yourself against the flu, you may feel some side effects. These can include soreness where the shot was given, or potential redness and swelling. The flu shot will not give you the flu, but it can help lessen symptoms if you still get the flu. 

For complete diagnosis and treatment, our walk-in urgent care at AFC North Andover can get you feeling better in no time with our on-site lab and medical care! 

Make sure to visit AFC North Andover for your flu shot! ​

AFC Urgent Care North Andover offers a walk-in clinic and full-service urgent care center to get shots fast. There is no need to wait in a hospital, ER, or other traditional medical facility since patients can get their flu shots at urgent care in a few minutes! We accept most insurances, and offer low costs to those without insurance. 

For walk-in flu diagnosis and treatment, visit us at our convenient urgent care center any day during the week. For more information, call us at 978-470-0800.