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Tick Bite Treatment

Get Tick Bite Treatment at Urgent Care in North Andover, MA

Tick bites are a significant health concern in Massachusetts during the summertime. Statewide, several hikers and campers are likely to notice tick warnings and updates throughout the summer. In the even that you experience a tick bite make sure to visit AFC Urgent Care North Andover for fast and immediate treatment! 

Ticks tend to impact campers, hikers, and anyone in heavily wooded areas. These insects live in forest with dense trees and plants in order to find potential hosts. When people travel into forests they become a viable target for a tick underneath leaves or branches in the woods. 

The good news for outdoorsmen and women this summer is that tick bites are highly preventable and treatable: 

How can I prevent and treat tick bites? 

Tick bite prevention is relatively straightforward as long as campers use the following techniques to lower the risk of a potential bite: 

  • Wear protective clothing when in heavily wooded areas to prevent bites. Lightweight but durable pants, long-sleeve shirt, and boots are helpful in preventing ticks. 
  • Bring safe and approved insect repellents and apply it to your clothing in order to reduce tick contact. 
  • Walk along carved-out and deforested trails when possible to reduce the change of a tick biting onto your leg or elsewhere. 
  • Do a comprehensive tick check after going into wooded areas to see if you or a family member has ticks attached to the legs, head (under hair as well) arms, or elsewhere 

The good news for patients is that tick bite treatment is simple at AFC North Andover through our local walk-in clinic and urgent care center. Our urgent care providers can administer diagnostic exams, perform blood tests, and provide acute injury treatment in the event of a bite. 

If you have any questions about our tick bite treatment options, please contact us directly or visit our clinic at 129 Turnpike Street in North Andover, MA!